"Gadens in Victoria chose to partner with GlobalX Legal Solutions because of the potential for a high level of integration with PEXA's e-conveyancing platform, and the tangible benefits this will give our clients." 
— Kyle Grace, Business Process Analyst, Gadens
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Welcome to our PEXA e-Conveyancing hub

Your first point of contact for the latest PEXA news and events, information and insights from GlobalX regarding electronic conveyancing. Our PEXA experts continue to update the PEXA electronic conveyancing hub to ensure that your business is e-Conveyancing ready.

GlobalX was the first sponsor of PEXA, and will be supporting a hybrid of manual and electronic conveyancing - deeply integrating the PEXA platform via all solutions including our market leading legal software, online solutions and through key integration partners. GlobalX is excited to be leading the conveyancing and legal industry in the delivery of PEXA and the digital age of electronic conveyancing to practitioners across Australia.

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Latest Updates

  • Jun 08, 2016

    GlobalX Legal Solutions announces agreement to provide NSW Electronic Contract for Sale (eCos)

    Legal technology and services company GlobalX, has announced the signing of an agreement with the Law Society of NSW and Real Estate Institute of NSW to provide the Electronic Contract for Sale (eCOS).

  • Jun 02, 2016

    When e-Conveyancing Becomes Conveyancing

    E-conveyancing is on the path to becoming the new conveyancing. How long will it be until we drop the “e” from e-conveyancing and take it for granted that conveyancing has become fundamentally a digital process?

  • May 23, 2016

    Hi-tech lawyers do it online

    Picture this. It’s just before Christmas. A client is anxious to settle their several hundred thousand dollar property to realise their investment.

  • Apr 29, 2016

    The change ahead. By Miriam Errington, Tuckfield Conveyancing

    Change freaks us out. But progress is impossible without change. Changes to the legislation are happening now. What does this really mean for you?

  • Apr 11, 2016

    Industry push to ‘turn off paper’ – are you ready?

    PEXA congratulates reforms introduced by Land Victoria and Landgate (WA) that are hastening the industry push to digitise property transactions and remove paper processes.


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