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As a PPSR Solutions Specialist, we understand the fundamental needs of businesses and individuals using the PPSR - Personal Property Securities Register.

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Our online PPSR solution helps business and individuals make the necessary PPSR registrations, PPSR updates or PPSR searches on the Personal Property Securities Register as well as efficiently manage and track your security interests to ensure best practice due diligence.

Why use the PPSR Solution from GlobalX?

  • An intuitive user interface guides you through the PPSR registration process.
  • It's a central easy-to-use point of management of all your security interests.
  • You can perform draft PPSR registrations with our user friendly registration workflow.
  • It facilitates the accurate verification of grantors, thereby minimising your risk.
  • Batch services for larger volumes of registrations, are available to save you time.
  • A streamlined PPSR ordering process to deliver searches to you faster.

Having consulted with thousands of organisations about PPSR, the GlobalX team of Account Managers is experienced, and available to train you and your teams in best practice security, PPSR registration and PPSR searching.

GlobalX's PPSR Solutions and the PPSR

ASIC Extract plus PPSR Search Report

Helpful FAQs about the Personal Property Securities Register:

What is the PPSR?

The Personal Property Security Register is used in many situations by individuals and representatives of business, including:

  • Business operators who sell personal property on credit, consignment, or on a retention of title arrangement to register their interest in the property on the PPSR, and
  • Consumers who are about to purchase personal property, may search the register before buying it to make sure that the property is free of a security interest.
  • Finance companies that provide loans on the basis that they receive a security interest in an item of personal property to register their interest in the property on the PPSR.

What is defined as Personal Property?

Personal property is considered anything that is capable of being owned (other than land or fixtures).

The most common examples of personal property are:

  • cars
  • crops
  • inventory
  • art
  • boats
  • caravans
  • livestock
  • plant and machinery
  • shares

Personal property also includes non-material items such as:

  • accounts
  • intellectual property
  • investment instruments, or
  • licenses

What are Security Interests?

A security interest is a legal interest in personal property that is created by any transaction that secures the payment or performance of an obligation. An example of a security interest is a fixed and floating charge over a company, or retention of title agreement.

What is a Secured Party?

A secured party can be an individual, a company, or another entity that has interest in a grantor’s Collateral.

What does Collateral refer to?

Collateral is the personal property to which a security interest attaches.

Disclaimer: The above is a guide only to information about the Personal Property Securities Register and does not constitute legal advice that will suit every individual circumstance.

Your Free Guide to the PPSR – for businesses, accountants, financial advisors and lawyers.

Recently, the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) launched the PPSR Business Guide, intended to help Australian businesses who are not familiar with the practical implications of this law.

The guide also explains how you and your firm might benefit from using the national online system - the Personal Property Securities Register.

New PPSR business guide

The PPSR Business Guide is relevant if you advise on or are party to:

  • Sale of goods on retention of title terms
  • Hire, rent or lease out goods
  • Buy or sell valuable second-hand goods or assets
  • Raising finance using stock or other assets as collateral

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