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the next generation in best practice technology.

Open Practice — Legal Software, Services & Experience

Open Practice has been developed with Australian legal professionals to deliver mid-to-large law firms with a fully-integrated practice management software solution that is customisable and easy to use.

Open Practice already supports more than 7,400 members of hundreds of legal teams, working as a central point of access to all the information, resources and services required to perform their daily activity according to best practice.

  • Hatzis Lawyers logo

    "Hatzis Lawyers are very positive about the direction of Open Practice and our partnership with GlobalX Legal Solutions. The business will continue to help us to make greater efficiency gains in the mundane administration aspect of our business so we can tend to our client’s needs,"

    George Hatzis - Hatzis Lawyers
  • Craig Ray & Associates

    "Craig Ray & Associates upgraded to Version 8 to take advantage of the intuitive, integrated searching and dashboard layout features that make Open Practice intuitive for users of all levels of experience."

    Matthew Ray – Solicitor, Craig Ray & Associates

Key Benefits

The latest release, Open Practice Version 8 offers industry innovation alongside features refined over 20 years and 500 implementations to promote best practice and optimise the management of your firm.

Open Practice will empower you to implement electronic conveyancing, integration & mobile technology at your firm and support the productivity of every user at every level of the practice.

Customise, streamline and optimise your business processes

Matter-centric workflows boost the productivity of every user

Maintain access to regular product updates to future-proof the firm

Drive organisational efficiencies and effectiveness to improve profits

Ensure your compliance, data accuracy and superior client services

See Key Features for more information.


Open Practice provides end-to-end practice management functionality and integrates the suite of industry solutions from GlobalX, so you can work with seamless efficiency. Open Practice firms have access to:

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Enjoy confidence that you’ve selected an industry-specialised, best-of-breed solution from a reputable provider.